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4 To The Floor

The 4 To The Floor concept began in East London clubs as a way to keep the dancefloor moving playing anything with a 4/4 beat from house, techno, disco, garage, disco to jazz and everything that made sense in the mix.

Eddieboi, Kengo and djsoulprovyder hailing with roots in South Africa, Japan and Jamaica respectively treat 4 To The Floor as a forum for world music, whether it’s German Techno, Angolan kuduro, Thai disco or Chicago House. Expect some music, interviews and a bit of chat in the first hour while for the second hour we endeavour to take you on a musical journey as we get in the mix and let the music do the talking.

The 3 members are all DJs and dancers, while Eddieboi and Kengo also produce music.

Eddieboi hails from South Africa, the home of African House music which inspired the resurgence of global house music with producers such as Black Coffee and Black Motion. He is also a Software engineer by day, a football player and coach on the weekends and enjoys working socially with Junior Youth (11-14) enhancing their self expression also in his spare time.

Kengo began his love affair with music listening to rock, punk and hip hop in the 90s and anything that was loud, heavy and anti-establishment. Drum breaks became an obsession once he found b-boying and with the discovery of house dance in 2004, also house music. He is currently a member of the Cuban Brothers touring worldwide. Hobbies include learning languages, rollerskating, ice skating and massaging.

Djsoulprovyder has been a record collector and DJ since 1991. He originally started off playing 70s soul, funk, jazz and rare groove records. His current sets include a selection of past and present, journeying from his disco, afro, latin, jazz, funk roots to a more deeper electronic tech house sound. He is a partner in a flyer distribution service called SoulPack which is dedicated to the world-soul-jazz-afro-latin-house and electronica scenes distributed at bars, clubs and live music venues across London. He also has an artist liaison transportation service that looks after international DJs and artists. His passions are going to see live music, the performing arts, design, health and nutrition and home educating his children with his partner Vicky.