Baby Bam

Bam is a DJ, producer and MC from hip hop pioneers Jungle Brothers. A key contributor to the golden age of hip hop as well as the Native Tongues movement; a movement that brought afro-centricity, social commentary, fun story telling with an eclectic mix of music to the art form.

Named after the founder of the Zulu Nation, Akrika Bambaataa, Bam, with Jungle Brothers, inspired conscious hip hop and hip house with the classic dance floor hit “I’ll House You”.

Currently based in London, Bam has been working on both sides of the Atlantic touring with Jungle Brothers. He’s a frequent guest MC at festivals working with The Mouse Outfit and DJ/Producer Mr. Dero. His latest project Bam & Mr.Dero “This & That” features the Jungle Brothers remake of “Because I Got It Like That” is available on Tiefparterre Records.