Beat Generation


‘Everything is going to the beat. It’s the beat generation, it’s beat, it’s the beat to keep…’

The Beat Generation is a monthly show doing its soulful, funky thing on a Wednesday morning from 8 till 10am. It’s a little piece of San Francisco with a dash of New York set to the beating heart of London where George Clinton brushes shoulders with the Beastie Boys and Bill Evans sips an espresso nodding along to the latest track from Omar. It’s two hours spent On the Road from Hip Hop to Jazz, from Funk to Soul and with regular features, Rhythm Remedy, Three to Get Ready, Crate Diggers of the World Unite and Kitchen Groovin.

MCG is a freelance DJ, Writer & Actor originally hailing from the deep south of the Midlands. He has DJ’d on Pirate, Hospital & Community radio stations. Beat Generation 1.0 was a regular weekly show on the now sadly defunct Rhubarb Radio at the Custard Factory in Birmingham. As a writer his work has appeared in the Soho Journal, Louder than War and is currently in the process of writing a TV Series, two plays as well as developing several Kerouac inspired short stories. His fashion career has taken him from the Bespoke world of Savile Row via the Parisien-cool of Agnes B to classic accessory brand Christys’ Hats.

He lives in South East London somewhere on the banks of the River Thames.

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