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Stefan Means Business

Professor Stefan Allesch-Taylor CBE chats to a variety of entrepreneurs about how they got started, what motivates them, what their business does, why it does it and where they hope it will go. Mostly. The rest of the show is usually music and utter irreverence.

Stefan is an entrepreneur, financier, philanthropist, chairs a number of charities is an occasional film producer and has been appointed the first Professor in Practice of Entrepreneurship, The Institute of Entrepreneurship, at King’s College, London a global top 25 ranked university. Based here in London, he has been a financier and entrepreneur for over 20 years. He’s led or been part of the senior management teams of businesses in many sectors in the UK, Europe and USA. More than anything he’s probably an expert in ‘what not to do’ in both start-ups and established businesses. He currently sits on the boards of a number of public and private companies in the UK, Europe and the U.S. in the retail, hospitality and financial services sectors.  He is the Chairman of the award winning British Charity Pump Aid, providing clean water to over 1.35 million of the poorest people in Africa. He is the Co-Founder and Chairman of the Afri-CAN Charity, an organisation that creates social ventures in the townships of Cape Town and urban Malawi to help the most disadvantaged in society. He is the Co-Founder and Deputy Chairman of the Central London Rough Sleepers Committee, providing help to some of London’s homeless at events every 2 weeks. He is also the Chairman of Team Up a charity helping the most disadvantaged kids in the UK to pass their GSCE’s using a volunteer force of undergraduates.