Secret Bid – Vinyl Marathon

On 22nd / 23rd November 2017, we completed our 24 Hour Live Vinyl Marathon. Now we are auctioning the collection of exclusive vinyl records in aid of charity.

The one of a kind vinyl were created at Soho Radio in November 2017, as part of a special 24-hour marathon, where 24 tracks were recorded and cut direct to vinyl on the bespoke lathe at Soho Radio. Artists who participated in the Vinyl Marathon event included; UNKLE, Frank Turner, Andrew Hung, Dizraeli, Paradise, Raf Rundell and Kitty, Daisy & Lewis, who all performed live at Jager Soho.

Following the marathon, each vinyl sleeve was customised with unique artwork by Soho Radio’s artist in residence, illustrator Ben Connors. The one-off vinyl records will be on display and available to purchase via a secret auction at Jager Soho until Record Store Day.

You can now own the freshly cut, one of a kind vinyl from each session from the marathon. Each artist performed two tracks, which are on either side of their vinyl. All the proceeds will be going to the chosen charities of the artists involved. The vinyl available includes:

Andrew Hung (Crisis)
Dennis Bovell (Sickle Cell Society)
Dizraeli (Mind)
Dj Yoda, Nubya Garcia and Theon Cross (Reverse Rett)
Elijah Minelli / Shumba Youth (Spires)
Human (Calm)
Kitty, Daisy and Lewis (Grenfell Voices)
Paradise (Women’s Aid and Shelter)
Raf Rundell (City Kids)
UNKLE (Calm)

To bid, simply email, with your chosen artist and bidding amount. The highest bid wins.

View the Soho Radio Vinyl Marathon video HERE & catch the ‘best of’ show HERE.