Vinyl Sessions

Soho Radio presents the world’s first live broadcast of sessions cut directly to vinyl in our street-side studio.

The radio station incorporates a designated performance area, with a bespoke vinyl lathe, hand crafted explicitly for the sessions. Each intimate live performance will be cut directly to vinyl, filmed in 360 Virtual Reality to create an exclusive package, producing a unique physical and virtual representation of the live session.

The vinyl renaissance is truly underway, and the Soho Radio Vinyl Sessions in conjunction with Jägermeister, will be an integral part of the revival, bringing exclusivity to the art through the incorporation of a radio station and vinyl pressing facilities in one place. The project showcases technologies a century apart through the one of nature of the vinyl recording, to the immersive experience of a Virtual Reality film.

In this holy grail of recording techniques, where editing isn’t an option, we will create inspired performances.

Over the coming months we will be welcoming artists and bands into our studio, for exclusive two-hour radio shows incorporating the live session cut straight to vinyl.