Best Piece of Advice Ever


It was born of a simple yet fantastic question during a Creative Social event in 2010. 50 Creative leaders were deep in the Marais, huddled around the legendary Jim Haynes, who’s been holding dinner parties at his modest Parisian atelier for the past 35 years. This man is wise. Wise when it comes to people – he’s hosted over 100,000 guests over the years. People he didn’t know. The dinner parties are open to everyone. When asked ‘What’s the best piece of advice you have ever been given?’ Jim responded ‘If you do something for someone forget it immediately. If someone does something nice for you, never forget it.’

In this series Daniele Fiandaca, co-founder of Utopia and Creative Social and co-editor of Creative Superpowers: Equip yourself for the Age of Creativity, will be asking some of the most interesting creatives in the world what the best piece of advice they have ever been given and how it has impacted their careers. The series features creatives from all walks of life, with confirmed guests including an author, a Creative Director, an ethnographer, a fashion designer, a food experimentalist, a beat boxer, a spoken word artist and a street artist.