The music world (or industry, if you please) has been overly-glamourised, fetishised and turned into a space where PR angles are king and success is translated in number of followers and units moved, whilst big part of the stories are left somewhere on the top shelf to suffocate under heavy dust (for lack of interest, perhaps?). Most of the times, vulnerability is frowned upon, unless it makes for a good twist is the sales notes. Here, we look at it as being a top human strength.

Conversations invite the practice of empathy and mindful listening, a lost art in the world of endless chatting and smug wit. A well-known cure and highly researched alternative to ignorance, authentic conversations have the glorious power to (re-)connect us with our surroundings and, why not, ourselves?

Counterpoint is a venue and an avenue where stories begging to be heard and told are being dug out through honest and open conversations with artists, record label owners, publicists, journalists, promoters, agents, venues, tour managers, sound engineers, doctors, therapists, etc, and music is being looked at from different perspectives: social, political, medical, cultural, anthropological, spiritual––taking them beyond PR strategies.

“Authenticity and truth over everything” is a saying often heard and recited in our immediate circle, and that’s what Counterpoint is built upon. And beautiful records, which we’re going to play.

Catch the show every Monday at 12pm.

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