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Deep Tenor City

Deep Tenor City is the partnership of Oli Savill and Dan Tenor-City. Based in London, Deep Tenor City is involved in all things music: production, radio shows, DJ’ing, performance and curation.

As producers, Deep Tenor City have released three EPs on BBE records to date, including the well acclaimed “Oba”. Deep Tenor City productions can best be described as fusion for the dance floor, and typically involve leading musicians from the UK and overseas with whom Oli and Dan have relationships.

Whilst production and broadcasting involves both Dan and Oli, Oli has been an active percussionist on the London scene since 1992, and works/ has worked with many artists including Basement Jaxx, Dayme Arocena, Kaidi Tatham, Mala, and appears on a number of well considered releases as percussionist and/or songwriter. Dan has been collecting music since the late eighties and can be found DJ’ing at various venues at home and overseas. He’s also active in the house dance scene.

The two launched the monthly Deep Tenor City Radio Show on Back2BackFM in August 2015. The show revolves around a high integrity mix of originals, re-edits and remixes, rink and synth boogie, heady funk and steppers, as well as Afro-boogie, house, free soul, 1st and 2nd generation disco, jazz and Latin.