Greg Belson


‘Divine Discotheque’ is a weekly two hour journey into tunes rooted in gospel, expanding into the multi-genred musical universe, all played on glorious original vinyl.

DJ Greg Belson, will be ploughing his well-stocked crates and diggin’ that lil’ bit deeper to lift your Sunday spirits, keeping your head to the sky.

Greg has traveled the world DJ’ing for the last 30+ years, sharing the turntables with legends near and far. He’s produced records under various guises, the latest of which is Divine Situation alongside producer supremo Paulo Fulci. He’s the compiler of the acclaimed Divine Disco Series on Cultures of Soul Records. He’s also a member of the 45 Live Crew, alongside luminaries like Jon More, Andy Smith, DJ Woody & DJ Format. And he hosts the monthly Divine Chord Gospel Show on broadcast out of his home town of Los Angeles, California. From London to Los Angeles and everywhere in between, Greg’s gotcha covered for that musical hit.

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