Kyle Lonsdale


Kyle Lonsdale is a one-woman-alt-folk-underground. As well as being a music writer at Record Collector magazine, she’s worked in the engine room of some of the most culturally significant independent music powerhouses of the late 20th century including Fire Records and Rough Trade (at which she co-hosted ‘Counter Culture Radio’ on Resonance FM).

Kyle has been label manager for subsidiary imprint Earth Recordings since 2015. In the model of great archival repositories like Light In The Attic, Earth has combined an elegant sense of design with a focus on rehabilitating the catalogues of cult and folk artists such as Bert Jansch, Anne Briggs, Mikael Tariverdiev and 1970’s TV phenomenon Bagpuss.

Hailing from Cornwall, Lonsdale’s aesthetic is tinted by the more esoteric tributaries of British folk’s mighty river of song, which is echoed in her show for Soho Radio. Expect to hear everything from Medieval death ballads to Macca, and plenty more besides.

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