Mr Mellow


Mr. Mellow from Hamburg/Germany is an independent music activist since the late 1980s. Starting as an agent for a dozen of post-C86 UK bands and running a legendary concert series in a tiny venue in the North of Hamburg, his journey took him from working in the music industry for a few years to booking for other venues throughout the 1990s. He quit in favour of touring extensively with Norwegian jazz artists and Canadian turntablists, writing for various German music magazines and ended in running the Légère Recordings & Lounge Records with more than 200 releases in 20 years. Being a dedicated vinyl DJ spinning funk, soul, disco and a variety of grooves, he played quite a few clubs & towns throughout his home country. Mr. Mellow’s Sunday Scene is a journey through genres & eras. Mr. Mellow says: “Soho Radio is the coolest community radio in Europe. Wish we had that in Germany.”

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