Shawn Lee


Shawn Lee is one of the most prolific Musicians of his generation. A multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer songwriter & composer who has released 34 albums as an

artist to date. He has played, produced and written on hundreds of records. He has worked with a diverse range of artists including Jeff Buckley, Kelis, Money Mark, Amy Winehouse, Darondo, Adrian Younge, Tony Joe White and Princess Superstar.

Lee’s music has been used extensively in both film & TV – Monuments Men, 20 feet from stardom, House of cards, Orange is the new black, Oceans 13, Eastbound & Down, Ugly Betty, Nip Tuck, CSI, Confessions of a shopaholic, Cinemax, Jaguar, BMW, Barclays, Clarks shoes, Head & shoulders and many many more.

He has also created bespoke music for Hermann Miller,Ace Hotels and Wallpaper magazine.

As a composer, he has scored two documentary films- Elevate and Under the sun. Lee also created the original soundtrack for the Feature film Save Angel Hope and composed the original scores for video games Zombie Playground and Rockstar’s Bully which was nominated for best score twice -winning once.

Shawn Lee is an American and has lived in London England for the past 20 years with his wife and his two daughters.

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