Callis in Wonderland


The Vinyl addiction started in 92’ leading Callis into a world of underground music and club culture. In addition to her DJ career, Callis has worked for many major/independent labels over the years, working promotions on cult albums from N.E.R.D, Kelis, Aaliyah, Beenie Man, The Chemical Brothers & Photek to name but a few.

Two decades of an ever-evolving, all-encompassing knowledge of music continues to see Callis spin at reputable clubs, festivals and exclusive events worldwide.

As an avid record collector/tastemaker, Callis loves nothing more than pushing musical boundaries treating every dance floor as a unique opportunity and experience to explore. Her eclectic ear makes it impossible to pigeon hole her style which has led her to spin for some of her greatest inspirations including the legendary Quincy Jones.

More recently Callis has been experimenting with her own music production and a variety of creative endeavours set to launch soon.

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