The show will be an uplifting mix of dance, indie, disco and house music celebrating and created by the finest females, to make you feel like a Superfoxx. Hosted by Krystal Roxx, every week she will be joined by a female DJ from around the world plus special guests.

? What we do?

We partner with exciting brands, events and spaces to create bespoke experiences for women to meet up,
inspire each other, network and have fun.

We are a collective of inspiring female role models, hosting music, wellness and educational events at: VIP events, festivals, nightclubs, beach parties and pop-ups .

Superfoxx is also a DJ Academy in East London.

Superfoxx profits are invested into the next generation of female superfoxx’s. We host free mentoring events for young women in schools across the country.

Every woman can be a Superfoxx. Join us!

? Our Mission?

Using our online platforms and live events we aim to have fun, inspire, educate and energise girls and women around the world. Giving them the skills, tools, resources and community to support themselves and live a confident and happy life.

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