Emma Bartholomew


The Happiness Pause is a monthly show exploring the concept of happiness in our daily and working lives. Presenter Emma Bartholomew takes time out of her day job representing international clients in the music industry to press pause and chat to guests about where they find their happiness and to share a playlist of mood-shifting, uplifting tracks from all genres and eras.

In the digital age of constant distractions, demands on our time, our often stressful, fast-paced lives, especially living in a city that can be anonymous and sometimes lonely, the show discusses the everyday experiences where we can find happiness. This could be that moment when walking across one of London’s bridges we see the splendour of the approaching bank side buildings lined up in front of us, glistening in the rain or gleaming in the sunlight, reminding us how beautiful our city is, or an exchange with a total stranger on the bus or tube that makes us smile, or simply feeling the sun warming our faces on an otherwise grey day, but there’s always something. We can find a longer term sense of happiness from the people with whom we share our lives or the passion we have for the work we do. Sometimes we have to take risks or make overwhelming choices to let happiness into our life and at other times we make considerable sacrifices to try to feel happier, but we always have a choice, however tough life’s trials can feel.

The show interweaves conversation with the song choices of Emma and her guests, all of which have been chosen for their meaning and uplifting impact.

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