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The OTL Show

The most asked question about The OTL Show – apart from “Why on earth did you pick that track?” – is “What does OTL stand for?”. The answer is Olfactory Tearduct Lipservice (for your Ears), and refers to the fact that all sensory inputs end up in the brain, and are actively mingled and mangled there by the imagination. At The OTL Show we believe that music can be tasted, touched and smelt, that it toasts and tufts itself and melts, and that it can alter political and sexual aspects of yourself you never dreamed of. In short, it is exactly the sort of show you would expect from a music journalist who has published books on Frank Zappa, Derek Bailey and Theodor Adorno: a movie for your ears presented by Ben “Out To Lunch” Watson. “Anything goes …”, Watson quipped laconically, “but frequently we’ll include tracks by Duke Ellington, Esther Phillips, Johnny “Guitar” Watson, Frank Zappa, Evil Dick, Music With My Insane Friend and the AMM All-Stars. If the sounds make us laugh we know we are on the right tack. It’s kind-of a Joy Division free zone.”